FIX: Wii Error 002 Bleach

You may encounter an error saying that the wii error is 002 Bleach. Coincidentally, there are a few steps you can take to fix this problem, we’ll come back to that in a bit.

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8 57.14% No! Doesn’t always work!

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Fixed bug #002 for games.

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I thought I should bring this from the forums as it might be useful for future games! Plus, these courses “can” just as diligently solve other problems, just do your research and post your findings below!

Quote:Please don’t download games, but always have a backup of the games you definitely have!

… I think the meaning of thto say that I don’t care when things don’t go well… I followed these exact steps and put together games to work on Dolphin. I checked the RAR archives for viruses and AVG (still updated) didn’t find anything
Bug #002 is new code implemented that renders the Unplayables iso. (I thought xD)

I had a request to do just that, so here they are!

How to attach error #002 (tested on Bleach: against crusade)!

Step 1: Download – Download both WiiScrubber (latest version, I used 130) (download below ==> here) and GenericWiiPatcher (here ==> here)

Second – Unpack both files (winrar archives) into separate folders

[Image: Step2.jpg]

Step 3. File Open WiiScrubber and run MakeKeyBin.exe. Enter Lot 42 in the field, then click “Create” this (yes, not required!, but required for WiiScrubber.exe to work)

[Image: Step3.jpg]

Step. Open WIIScrubber sie.exe, just click “Load ISO” and choose the ISO you want to fix (eg Bleach: Crusade)

[Image: vs. Step4.jpg]

Step 5. Choose Partition:2 – DATA (Expand Selection), Main select .dol and extract (right click select and “Extract”) the image to the folder that will be applied in the next step

[Image: Step5.jpg]

Step – 6. Open the GenericWiiPatcher.exe file and click the “Open” button. Then you find the file extracted Main.dol

[Image: Step6.jpg]
[Image: Step6Part2.jpg]

Step 2 – Find Fix Error 002 and click Search. Once detected, press the 002
button(See Delete photo in step 8)

Step 8. Click the “Save” button NOW (if you do not follow this step, the Main.dol file will not be fixed)


Step 9 – Go to WiiScrubber and Partition:2 DATA – Locate the extracted Main.dol music file again (and select Replace. Find the corrected Main.dol file and select this file as
to replace).

Step 10Place the restored ISO file back into the folder and it will alsocontain all your games for Gamecube/Wii

Step 20 – Launch Dolphin and select the currently patched game! it works !! =D

(If it doesn’t work for you, try this GBA temporary process link for more info)

Also, this has been randomly tested in NFS: Undercover and other Wii games (not Dolphin, just a decent “modified” Wii), so some games will be playable after the bug is fixed! Try some of the non-Wii games for yourself with your fingers crossed!


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wii error 002 bleach

Have you really tried this for Dolphin? Specifications

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wii error 002 bleach

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I’ve done a few tests and YES, this fixes black screen issues and allows you to enjoy Delphin games too.
I cataloged the videos and uploaded them to YouTube.
I created it in the compatibility list.
Bleach vs. Crusade, Undercover nfs and more…

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Wii Error 002 Bleach
Erro Wii 002 Bleach
Wii 오류 002 표백제
Wii Error 002 Bleach
Wii Error 002 Blanqueador
Wii-Fehler 002 Bleach
Błąd Wii 002 Wybielacz
Errore Wii 002 Candeggina