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We also had a bug, but our company used the asset management option (cassette). Upon further investigation related to this issue, we have determined that the entire cause of this issue is likely due to a combination of ASP.NET, IIS, and Cassette. I don’t know if this is your problem (usually it’s the headers API, not all Cache APIs), but the scheme is the same.

Error 1

watsnel control panel

Cartridge systems that differ by Accept-Encoding : header as their response area on the box, since they can gzip/deflate:

encode happy

  • BundleRequestHandler: https://github.com/andrewdavey/cassette/blob/a2d9870eb0dc3585ef3dd542287595bc6162a21a/src/Cassette.Aspnet/BundleRequestHandler.cs#L78.
  • HttpResponseUtil: https://github.com/andrewdavey/cassette/blob/a2d9870eb0dc3585ef3dd542287595bc6162a21a/src/Cassette.Aspnet/HttpResponseUtil.cs#L45.
  • However, the ASP.NET output cache always returns the a interaction that was cached first. For example, if you make the first Accept-Encoding: gzip request and prompt Cassette to return the content using gzip, the ASP.NET output cache is designed to accept the URL as Content-Encoding : gzip caches < /code>. The next request to the exact URL with a target of another valid encoding (for example, Accept-Encoding: deflate) gives the response cached with Content-Encoding: gzip.

    This is probably a bug that causes Cassette to use HttpResponseBase api.Cache, usually around cache output parameters (e.g. Cache-Control: public code>), sets the API HttpResponseBase.Headers directly to the Vary: set accept-encoding header. The problem is that ASP.NET doesn't know about OutputCacheModule permission headers; it works only through this special API cache. This means that all developers have to use the tightly coupled API, not just the standard HTTP protocol.

    Error 2

    When using 7 #iis (Windows 5 Server 2008 R2), error #10 can cause a problem and disable the IIS core and tab cache. For example, if a package has been properly cached with Content-Encoding: gzip, it can be viewed in the entire IIS kernel cache with Http netsh show to cachestate. It displays status with response code 200 and content encoding "gzip". If the following request has other acceptable computer programming (eg.Accept-Encoding: deflate) and an h2 tag that if-none-match matches the hash of the package, they are written in the IIS core and in the sectionle "Man or woman." trendy caches took the place of the best miss. This ensures that the request will be processed by Cassette, which will return a 304 Https://github:

  • bundlerrequesthandler:.com/andrewdavey/cassette/blob/a2d9870eb0dc3585ef3dd542287595bc6162a21a/src/Cassette.Aspnet/BundleRequestHandler.cs#L44
  • However, once kernel and mode users handle iis with the effect, they will see that the URL pulse has changed and the cache needs to be refreshed as well. cache When IIS kernels tartan with netsh http show again, cachestate, some of the 200 cached responses are improved with a 304 response. Well, after requests to the Accept-Encoding bundle, and all if-none-match will still return its own 304 response. We have seen the troubling consequences of this error when users get 304 to get our main script because another random request was doing Accept-Encoding and If-None-Match.

    The problem seems to be IIS core, but user-mode caches are not ready, vary depending on the To accept-encoding header. As evidence, when using the API with the cache workaround described below, this process seems to always ignore IIS cores in addition touser mode caches (ASP.NET capability cache only. This can only be confirmed by checking that netsh http display to cachestate is empty, some of the following workarounds. ASP.NET communicates directly with each worker process To have iis enable and selectively disable the kernel to cache iis user mode on request.< /p>
    watsnel control panel

    We may not be able to reproduce this issue again in newer versions of IIS (eg Express iis 10). However, error #2 was still reproduced.

    Our initial fix for this bug was to disable IIS kernel/user caching mode only for requests for cartridges other than those mentioned. # This revealed a bug when an extra layer was deployed using caching in front of our Super Highway servers. The reason this complexity chain hack worked is because from the outputcachemodule someone registers the cache to see if the Cache api has been used and not ever used or based on QueryString if the program also has QueryString.


    We all workBut we were planning on dropping Cassette, so instead of withholding payments from Cassette (or trying to be a PR merge), we decided to use the http module to solve this problem.

    public class FixCassetteContentEncodingOutputCacheBugModule IHttpModule : Gap Public Init(HttpApplicationContext)           context.PostRequestHandlerExecute += Context_PostRequestHandlerExecute;       custom void Context_PostRequestHandlerExecute(object sender, EventArgs e)          httpContext var is HttpContext.Current;        if (httpContext == null)                    come back to;               Request Var = httpContext.Request;        var response HttpContext=. response;       (Request if.HttpMethod != "GET")                   come back to;                 var path = request. way;     (!path if.StartsWith("/cassette.axd", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase))                    come back to;                if (response.Headers["Vary"] == "Accept encoding")                    httpContext.Response.Cache.VaryByHeaders.SetHeaders(new[] "Accept-Encoding" );                public void Dispose()        

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