Steps To Fix SmartView Can’t Open Cube View

In some cases, your computer may display a message that smartview cannot open the cube view. There can be several reasons for this problem.

smartview cannot open cube view

Recently, on a client site, we discovered the following issue with an operator attempting to conduct an FR survey. The user was unable to manage the report or connect to View Smart using an Essbase connection. However, the user can enter data through web planning forms. The user received the following error message: “View Cube cannot be displayed. Essbase error (1054060).” We tested the deployment and confirmed that, according to the experts, the user has been granted all the different types of rights and granted the server access role in Essbase. Also, another user with exactly the same rights had no issues with the report. We then logged in based on EAS and the console was able to verify that the filter was created using the user id, but the account Still unable to log in with this Essbase login.

Decision. When investigating the puzzle, we found that sometimes when someone updates security filters on a schedule, even though the filters may be created correctly, there is a high chance that “they are incorrectly assigned to a user ID”. You can see this by logging into the EAS console and expanding Node Security. Simply right-click “Users” and select a node in the “Power Users” table.

After running the user table, select the user and double click/edit it. With the user properties open, go back to the application/database access tab at the lowest schedule level during application -> databases (cube) and make sure someone sees the assigned filter. If you look at This (no), it means that no filter has been assigned.

Steps to solve I would say the problem:
1) Undeploy the user of the Shared Services Console.
2) Copy and paste our own following maxl command,where the maxl editor of the EAS console will remove the user as shown below from the security file
Delete the displayed user “[email protected] Directory” using the security_file;
Click Run.
3) Redeploy the user and update the security filter schedule from.
4) Log in to the EAS console to check, then check the user properties again and make sure the filter is also assigned

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About the author

Nandini Nehru is a Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, part of the Oracle epm group. She has over 10 years of experience working on various projects in performance analysis, design, development, customization, and medical testing of applications. She has implemented Hyperion Oracle Planning, HFM and Essbase courses for various industries such as healthcare, public sector, manufacturing, oil and emissions. He is an Oracle Certified Trainer in Financial Reporting, Planning, Building and Managing Oracle Hyperion Administrators and Classrooms. She is also an Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Certified Implementer and an Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud 2017 Service Certified Implementer.Nandini works closely with the financial planning team, visiting clients across industries and implementing IT solutions to complete their financial planning and budgeting.Nandini holds a bachelor’s degree in technology engineering and an MBA in finance from Rice University. She was also the recipient of the prestigious Jones Scholarship from Rice University in Houston.

smartview cannot open cube view

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