How To Fix Remote Desktop Gateway Error 23003

Here are some easy ways to help you solve the rd gateway error 23003 problem.

You may see error 23003 in Event Viewer when trying to connect via Windows Logon or RD Gateway. To fix this, register the user with Duo and also change the policy for new users to not allow 2FA. Also check which reverse username format is used and also make sure the username and alias match in Duo.

I’m setting up a Remote Desktop Gateway for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. This process should go smoothly following the advice from Microsoft Doctor and several other websites ( – server /remote/remote-desktop-services/rds-deploy-infrastructure).< /p >
rd gateway error 23003

When I try to log in, I get an error Windows Event Log->TermmainServices-Gateway

The Internet user ‘DOMAINusername’ on the client computer with IP address does not comply with the logon permission policy and therefore is not authorized to access the RD Gateway server. in Usedauthentication method: “NTLM”. In addition, the connection protocol “HTTP” was used. Encountered usage error “23003”:.

I have found many documents that state that registering an NPS server ( should fix this version. registry server. These two are undoubtedly in And’ras now. Domain security group “IAS Server”. But we still have the same error. Can we pierce which group effect in the past?

I investigated further and found an “Audit Error” log in my security event log:

Security ID: NULL SID
Account name: DOMAINusername
Account Domain: DOMAIN
Full account name: DOMAINusername

Client computer:
Security ID: NULL SID
Account name: LM-G710-8.0.0
Full account name: –
Called Station ID: UserAuthType: PW
Call station ID: –

Then I found exactly what says I should disable NPS authentication

I’m trying, but the ogreNPS authentication gives me the worst impression…

Does anyone know why I can’t fix the website?

For testing/debugging purposes, I’m running an RD Gateway on an AD member server on the core network without cell towers, with a non-Windows firewall.

The only thing I can guess is that we broke the “RAS and IAS Servers” AD-in group in the past.

Authentication details:
Connection request policy name: TS GATEWAY AUTHORIZATION POLICY
Network Policy Name: –
Authentication provider: Windows
Auth Server:

Authentication type: –
Account Type: Unauthenticated
eap session id: –
Results logging: Accounting data is written to a local log file.
Reason code: 7
Reason: The specified domain does not even exist.

I’m setting up a Remote Desktop Gateway on Windows Server 2016 and then on Windows Server 2019. I would like this to be a strict process.oh redirect according to Microsoft Doc and several other websites ( /windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/rds-deploy-infrastructure).

When I try to log in, I get an error Message Event Log Windows->TerminServices-Gateway

The user ‘DOMAINusername’ on the client computer or laptop with ‘IP address’ does not qualify for the login authorization plan and therefore does not have professional access to the Remote Desktop Host Gateway. in authentication method used: “NTLM” and connection protocol used: “HTTP”. The following error “23003” has occurred:.

rd gateway error 23003

I’ve heard a lot of documentation stating that registering a specific NPS server ( should fix next: Most of the problem, I register the server. Both are now in the “RAN”. and the security of a domain group of IAS servers. But we still have the same error. Can we split this group effect into the past?

I investigated further and found an audit error log in the event log as a result Security Code:

Security ID: NULL SID
Account name: DOMAINusername
Account domain: DOMAIN

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