Bugfix : Bug That Made It Impossible To Download The Antivirus Has Been Fixed.

in recent days, some of our users have informed us that I cannot download the antivirus.

Run an on-demand virus scanner scan from the USB drive. You are trying to load security software in clean boot state or in safe mode.

How do I install antivirus on Windows 10?

Click on the person’s Windows logo.Scroll down and select Windows, Security to open all apps.On the Windows security screen fixed, check if the antivirus is up and running on your computer.Click on the displayed reasons for protecting against viruses and threats.Click “Next”, also the “Virus and Threat Protection” icon.

Web work:

Why Avast is not installing in my PC?

Temporarily disable your current antivirus usage. Download Avast Setup from the official website. Turn off your Internet connection and run Avast Setup. After the Avast installation is complete, uninstall the old antivirus personal software, as having two on the system at the same time is counterproductive.

The fact that you can’t download an anti-virus program is certainly very strange.

Try to start your computer or laptop in “Safe Mode with Network” support (instructions below) and try to register the program(s).

If you can’t do that, I would consider having someone else call this, use it with a USB drive, and run it the same way.

If it didn’t work, I would see it’s ok, who can backup your website and restart your computer
how to enter “safe mode” when starting the computer.

In Windows 8 and 10…

When your new computer boot up, F8 (perhaps at the right time) to enter “Safe” mode”

A. Press the F4 key to enter Safe Mode.
(The computer will be in “safe mode” with minimal service drivers and.)

B. Press the key to “f5”, enter “Safe Mode” with “Online”.
(After the Safe with Networking startup mode, Windows enters Safe Mode with additional networks and organizations to access the Internet from other computers on your network.)

C. Press the “f6” key to enter the “safe mode” command prompt.
(In “Safe Mode” “Command Prompt” Start Windows in safe mode with a command prompt window instead of a Windows port. This setting is mainly used by it-profis.Sign )

Now you can access the computer with your account title and password. (If you installed it.) Troubleshooting After a problem, you can exit Safe Mode and restore your computer.

For Windows 7/Vista/XP…

1. Immediately after turning on or restoring the computer (usually after the beep of your own computer), press the critical point F8 several times with an interval of 1 second.

2. ThenThe computer displays the hardware and performs a memory test.

3.Then “Advanced Boot Options Menu” will appear.

4. From the Advanced Boot Options menu, use the Arrow Policies to select Safe Mode or Network with Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.


There are many viruses, in order to avoid being detected and disappearing from the system, deactivate the antivirus we have installed and in addition apply certain prohibitions so that we cannot download and continue to install others.

How can I download anti virus?

Run Setup Double-click the downloaded file.Confirm. Click Yes on the dialog box to start the installation.Follow the instructions on the screen. It takes only a few minutes.

These viruses usually block most download and security sites that we can easily access, but they don’t. Also, they tend to impose restrictions when trying to install selected programs. Something as simple as removing the developer’s digital signature and stopping execution if it’s a specific security signature.

In this case, we have several options. The most profoundly effective, and least practical, approach would be to computers. However, not allyou need to resort to extreme conditions.

Try Downloading The Antivirus From Another Computer And Running It Initially From A USB Drive

Why can’t I install antivirus?

sometimes viruses and malware block the installation of antivirus software.Many software. With that in mind, make sure your device is free from these security threats before setting up your antivirus software. In some forensic cases, antivirus applications are not installed because these types are corrupted.

If we can’t get the antivirus from our computer, we’ll both try to download it from another site. If we have another computer in hand, we must try to boot it from this situation, copy it to a USB stick and install it on the computer of this USB key. Even if we don’t have another computer at hand, sometimes we can download the installer to our phone, connect it to the PC and search in the memory installer for security software. in total,

Safeer When we try to manage the antivirus installer, we see a window asking for administrator rights. We fund it.only

i cannot download any antivirus

It remains to follow the instructions of the wizard to install the antivirus on the computer. As soon as the following is installed, we will run this full configuration scan to eliminate the potential risk that has been placed on our PC for detection and elimination.

You can also useUse anti-virus products to run them on a PC without creating anything.
i cannot download any antivirus

버그픽스 : 백신 다운로드가 불가능하던 버그가 수정되었습니다.
Bugfix: Naprawiono Błąd, Który Uniemożliwiał Pobranie Programu Antywirusowego.
Correction De Bug : Le Bug Qui Rendait Impossible Le Téléchargement De L’antivirus A été Corrigé.
Corrección De Errores: Se Ha Solucionado El Error Que Impedía Descargar El Antivirus.
Исправлено: исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой невозможно было загрузить антивирус.
Bugfix : Bugg Som Gjorde Det Omöjligt Att Ladda Ner Antivirusprogrammet Har åtgärdats.
Bugfix: Een Bug Die Het Downloaden Van De Antivirus Onmogelijk Maakte, Is Verholpen.
Bugfix: Bug Que Impossibilitava O Download Do Antivírus Foi Corrigido.
Bugfix : Fehler, Der Das Herunterladen Des Antivirus Unmöglich Machte, Wurde Behoben.
Bugfix: Il Bug Che Rendeva Impossibile Il Download Dell’antivirus è Stato Corretto.