Tips To Fix IPhone Boot Problem In Safe Mode

Here are some simple methods that can help fix an iPhone that won’t boot into safe mode.

What Is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode keeps your phone running, but usually limits your choice of third-party apps or services. If you put your phone into safe mode and the problems don’t appear anymore, you have found that the problem is usually not with your mobile phone’s operating system. Most likely, this is far from a purchased application on your device.

How To Enter Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, your phone only needs access to the Core iPhones that are pre-installed on your phone at the factory.

After turning on the device, you should see the words “Safe Mode” in the bottom right/left corner of your trusted screen.

How To Fix Errors In Applications

If the problem disappeared in safe mode, you have determined that the problem may be caused by a third-party application that was downloaded to your phone.

Do You Still Have To Help?

Get tips from our community on how to secure your phone device, including using the AT&T Mobile Security App, or learn how toDon’t annoy ads and pop-ups.

1. To enter safe mode, press and hold the power button until the power off star appears.

2. Press and hold the power off icon until you are prompted for safe mode.

1. Delete apps that someone was downloading when the problem occurred. If you need instructions, see Application Guide for troubleshooting.

2. To exit safe mode, press and hold the power button. Select Reload. If you are not prompted to restart your computer, press and hold the power button until your approach restarts.

Last week I accidentally installed something unexpected on my iPhone. That’s why my phone started having problems.

At first, there was a new message on my main page saying that the private browsing device is working using a secure method. I tried restarting this but that didn’t help. It will just return to safe mode.

I needed an internet connectionNo, to find a solution to my case. I also learned how a safe strategy can be a helpful tool when troubleshooting a misconfigured iPhone. Here I have compiled a series of steps I have taken to enable and disable Secure Processes on iPhone.

Steps To Enable Protected Mode On IPhone

Booting your device in low-risk mode is a simple task. In safe mode, your operating system loads only essential system services and also restricts all other applications.

In my example, the issue was due to screen optimization blocking. Lock screen personalization is disabled in safe mode, I was able to remove them easily too, including no issues.

To enable safe mode on a jailbroken device:

  1. Press and hold the power button until the power off slider appears.
  2. Swipe our custom power slider to turn off one device.

    < /source>

  3. Short press the entire power button to turn on someone’s device.
  4. When the screen lights up, press the volume down button.
  5. Release the capacity button when the Apple corporate logo appears.

Now that we have enabled safe mode on our phone, let’s briefly discuss how to disable safe mode.

Steps To Disable Safe Mode For IPhone

Remove The Last Installed Package From Cydia

In most cases, the phone goes into safe mode due to some kind of optimization bug installed by Cydia. Remove each newly installed package until you find the main one causing the problem.

Forced Full Restart

If a normal rewritestart does not work, you will need to force restart. A forced restart is a perfectly normal process and will not connect to your phone in any way. How to force restart certain iPhone models.

Remove Bad Source With SSH

If you unnecessarily entered the wrong package source, you may be using this method to remove it from your device. Sometimes your current package removal option may not be safe. You will need another Windows device, and for a Mac device, follow the procedure below. Note that you also need to first convince SSH on the Cydia instance.

  • Click “Settings”.
  • Wi-Fi and network access. Enabled
  • Click on the current wireless connection.
  • Write down the IP address of your telephone line.
    how to boot iphone to safe mode
  • Close Cydia if it is running.
  • OpenUse Powershell on a Windows PC. Or on a Mac, open Terminal.
  • Type ssh [email protected] and press Enter. Replace with your IP address.
  • Enter the password alpine when prompted.
  • Once there, type the following in order:
    • Edit Cd /private/etc/apt/sources.Directory list
      • to access the file containing all package sources.
    • Nano Cydia.list
      • Open Cydia.list file in Nano content editor
  • Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the original hole. It is usually the last in the series.
  • Delete a line using the backspace key, also known as the delete key.
  • Press Ctrl + X then Y to save the changes. Cydia
  • open and update all sources.
  • Reset Device Settings

    how to boot iphone to safe mode

    If the fix pack doesn’t work, try restarting your phone. Resetting the device will result in data loss. Therefore, you should be able to make sure that personal files are generally properly archived before attempting to reset them.

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