How To Fix The Number Of PST Files You Can Have In Outlook?

Over the past few days, some of our readers have shared with us that they found out how many PST files you can have in Outlook. Overall size . pst combined with . ost has a real preconfigured limit of 50 GB. These limits exceed the limit for achieving Unicode.

Today, almost every organization uses Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email on a daily basis. Sometimes end users are overwhelmed with a large number of PST files in a corporate Outlook account and do not know the easiest way to manage or manage multiple PST files in Outlook. Read on to get the best and most successful plan to combine multiple Outlook PST programs into one to manage your Outlook data. In this blog, we explain how to manage PST files, repair damaged PST files and large size PST files.

Microsoft Outlook supports PST-style files to save all information, including emails, contacts, tasks, tips, calendar, etc. Because they are difficult to manage when combined with huge PST files. Outlook provides an archive feature to move data to an archive folder that can be accessed at any time in Outlook.

WhatSuccessfully Manage Multiple PST Files In Outlook?

Can I have multiple PST files in Outlook?

Unfortunately, Outlook does not provide any methods or permissions to open multiple PST files in Outlook at the same time. Users have to import one PST record at a time, and this procedure is time consuming. To put this together, you can simply combine these types into a single PST file. It’s definitely a quick and easy way to make sure you open multiple files.PST at the same time.

In order to manage PST files, you must allow them to follow all the rules that must be mentioned.are found in the following section:

How do I manage multiple PST files?

In Outlook, click New Items and select the More Items option.Click on Outlook Data File.Specify a specific name for the new .pst file and select the desired location to save the file.Click the OK button and a new PST file will be created.

The first step in working with a variety of Outlook data files is to locate the PST files in Outlook. To understand or find out where the PST file is located, go to “Account Information Settings” >> “Files” >> “Open in Folder”.

To take care of the Outlook PST files, you can back up the PST file so that you can easily repackage it. Go

  1. to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  2. Select Export to File >> Outlook Data File (.pst) and click
  3. Next Select a folder to move and click on it
  4. Then click Browse and select where customers want to save the original PST file.
  5. In the File Name field, enter a name for the new PST file and click OK.
  6. At the end, click the Done button. .

To .manage a large number of .PST .files in .Outlook, the most desirable .solution for .users .is to .combine .2 .PST .files into one .combine . .Outlook ..pst files in one of them individually have many advantages. Here are some of the modern people: –

  1. very muchPST files are difficult to controll and manage
  2. perspectivesPerformance drop when opening PST files multiple times
  3. simplyPST file is easy to open and easy to manage
  4. Usercan clearly access email from multiple Outlook accounts found in one location
  5. BUTDVTThe file is easy to share with someone

We know what can be done to manage Outlook PST applications. Now let’s see how to merge PST files into one.

How To Manage PST Through File Merging?

Before continuing, it should be noted that Outlook does not have a built-in utility for attaching PST files. But an indirect manual method that allows you to merge 2 PST files into one. There are two or more ways to accomplish this task: manual and automated. In the next place, we will mention the full methods of both methods.

Method 1: Manually Merge Multiple PST Files

The guide to merging Outlook PST files into one consists of two parts. First, it’s better to create a new empty PST file and then transfer all existing Outlook files to the new one.

  1. In Outlook, selectthe New and More Items option.
  2. Full click on an Outlook data file
  3. Typically, name the new PST report and choose a location to successfully save the file.
  4. Click OK and a new PST file will be created.
  5. Reopen the Outlook app and even choose >> Open File >> Import
  6. The Import/Export Wizard will appear, select “Import from another program or file” and click “Next”.
  7. Select the file type Outlook Data File (.pst) to import, and then click Next.
  8. Find the file you want to import directly into Outlook. Select “Do not import duplicates” and click “Next”.
  9. Turn on the “Include subfolders” feature and therefore the “Import items in the same folder” feature.
  10. Click the Done button. you

Note. The import steps only need to be repeated for each PST file. Just like in Outlook, import one PST file at a time.

Restrictions Of The Manual Method

how many pst files can you have in outlook

The usual process of managing Outlook PST applications by merging PST files is undoubtedly time consuming and requires technical knowledge. If oneIf the step is not done correctly, important information may be damaged or lost. Manually, you can easily merge 2 PST applications into one. But when people have thousands of files, this setup is very troublesome.

Method 2: Automated Solution To Merge Multiple PST Files To Manage Outlook Data

Is there a limit to the number of folders in Outlook?

You cannot log in to your profile using a browser and create new folders other than 128. You can create more than 128 folders using an email program synchronized with the website. Windows Live Mail and Office Outlook with Outlook Connector are the applications that will use the HTTP server.

SysTools PST Merge software is a comprehensive solution available on the market for merging contacts, emails, calendar, scrolls, notes and journals in simple steps without losing individual recent data. The software is considered 100% virus-free and is capable of attaching PST files to Outlook with no file size limit. It introduces several features to make this career easy for all types of people.

how many pst files can you have in outlook

Step 1. Run the tool and/or select PST data files.

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