SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix Freepops Error When Receiving A Greeting

Today’s guide was created to help you when you get a freepops error getting a welcome error code.

Package: source: freepopsDeveloper src:freepops (unknown);

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Source: freepopsVersion: 0.2.9-8Severity: SeriousTagsJesse SidUser: [email protected] Tags: qa-ftbfs-20131226 qa-ftbfsReason: FTBFS on amd64The rescue,When rebuilding from all sid packages, your offers were not collected furtheramd64.Relevant phase (hopefully):> make[1]: Enter the directory `/"PKGBUILDDIR"'>luai building> build debug for luay.c> get luay.c -> luay.o> Linking libluay.a> luabind building> Creation to support dep luabind.c> Compile luabind.c -> luabind.o> Link from libluabind.a> Incompatibility> Debugging build properties for win32_compatibility.c> Generation for dep c99_compatibility.c> Debug build for beos_compatibility.c> Create beos_compatibility.c -> beos_compatibility.o> Compile c99_compatibility.c -> c99_compatibility.o> compile win32_compatibility.c -> win32_compatibility.o> Link to liboscompatibility.a> Create an ordinary experience> make dep for Regularexp.c> Acquisition of regular exp.c -> regular exp.o> Run libreregularexp.Create> diary> boudep on behalf of log.c> compile log.c -> log.o> Link to liblog.a>construction base64>  Base64 fixing for .c> get base64.c -> base64.o> Add libbase64.a> build a list> Baudep shortlist for .c> compile list.c -> list.o> Link to liblist.a> Build Mlex> Building a depot for mlex.c> mlex.c:1008:13: Notice: 'print_toklist' is defined but not enabled [-Wunused-function]> HIDDEN void print_toklist(list_t*l, char *s, i)> spacing ^> mlex.c:1042:13: Warning: 'print_anslist' is defined but not expected [-Wunused-function]> Make invisible print_anslist(list_t *a,char* str)> ^> compile mlex.c -> mlex.o> Link to libmlex.a> Strengthening DPI> build dep for pid.c> get pid.c -> pid.o> Links libpid.a> Building lock> create a deposit for lock.c> compile lock.c -> lock.o> Shortcut from liblock.a> Vocabulary Enrichment> Creating DEP dictionaries for .c> Create Dictionary.c -> Dictionary.o> Link to libdictionary.a> build stats_lua> Build dep stats_lua for.c> Compile stats_lua.c -> stats_lua.o> Link to libstats_lua.a> improvement session> Section structure for session.c> Create session.c -> Session.o> Run libsession.a> Construction of a portable socket> building a shared socket for .c> Building Dep linked to altsocklib.c> compile altsocklib.c -> altsocklib.o> compile socketcommon.c -> socketcommon.o> Link to libportablesocket.a> pop3server structure> always refer to thrheads.c> build land due to popstate.c> Build dep popserver for .c> compile popserver.c -> popserver.o> compile popstate.c -> popstate.o> get threads.c -> threads.o> mapping libpop3server.a> Create pop3server_lua> Create to win dep pop3server_lua.c> compile pop3server_lua.c -> pop3server_lua.o> Link from libpop3server_lua.a> run session_lua> Debug build for session_lua.c> generate session_lua.c -> session_lua.o> Added libsession_lua.a> Create serialize_lua>log_lua> Design development for log_lua.c> database log_lua.c -> log_lua.o> Link to liblog_lua.a> mlex_lua> construction department building on mlex_lua.c> Compile mlex_lua.c -> mlex_lua.o> Link from libmlex_lua.a> build support_lua> Strengthen getdata> compile getdate.y -> getdate.o> getdate.y:223.1-12: warning: directive deprecated, select "%pure-parser" [-Wdeprecated]> %clean_parser> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^> getdate.c: in the 'gd_parse' function:> getdate.c:1345:7: warning: unsigned expression difference >= 0 can always be true [-Wtype-limits]> if (YYMAXDEPTH <= yystacksize)> ^> getdate.y:214:33: error: 'cookie' not declared (first use of function in this situation)> #set context (cookie (GD_CONTEXT *))> ^> getdate.y:246:6: Note: in macro expansion 'context'> context->yyHaveTime++;> ^> getdate.y:214:33: Note. About each  An undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function in which it appears.> #set context (cookie (GD_CONTEXT *))> ^> getdate.y:246:6: Note: here as an extension of the 'context' macro> context->yyHaveTime++;> ^> getdate.y: in the 'gd_getdate' function:> getdate.y:990:3: error: multiple arguments to run gd_parse> if (yyparse(&cookie)> ^> getdate.y:120:17: reached: declared here> # define yyparse gd_parse> ^> getdate.c:1233:1: Note: extension regarding macro 'yyparse'> yyparse(empty)> ^> make[4]: *** [libgetdate.a] error 1The downloaded log build is available at: list of currently recognized issues and possible solutions can be found at Glad to help you!Regarding the rebuild of the archive: the rebuild was probably carried out on the EC2-VM fromAmazon Scenarios web services use a clean, restricted, and up-to-date chroot. build eachan unsuccessful one was considered repeated once to exclude random errors.

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SOLUCIONADO: Sugerencias Para Corregir Error De Freepops Al Recibir Un Saludo
RESOLVIDO: Sugestões Para Corrigir O Erro De Freepops Ao Receber Uma Saudação
OPGELOST: Suggesties Om Freepops-fout Op Te Lossen Bij Het Ontvangen Van Een Begroeting
RÉSOLU : Suggestions Pour Corriger L'erreur Freepops Lors De La Réception D'un Message D'accueil
BEHOBEN: Vorschläge Zur Behebung Des Freepops-Fehlers Beim Empfang Einer Begrüßung
RISOLTO: Suggerimenti Per Correggere L'errore Di Freepops Quando Si Riceve Un Saluto
РЕШЕНО: предложения по исправлению ошибки Freepops при получении приветствия
LÖST: Förslag För Att åtgärda Freepops-fel När Du Tar Emot En Hälsning
ROZWIĄZANE: Sugestie, Aby Naprawić Błąd Freepops Podczas Odbierania Powitania
해결: 인사말을 받을 때 Freepops 오류를 수정하기 위한 제안