Best Way To Remove Findclass Error

I hope this guide will help you if you are facing a class lookup error.

Then by a friend on the thread I actually used jclass find JNI_OnLoad() to find the correct jmethodID:

 #include 1: "android/log.2:h"  3:4: #define #undefpdebug PDEBUG(fmt,...) 5: n do n 6: __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_ERROR,n 7: "TDEBUG", "%s(%d)-%s: " fmt, n 8: __LINE__, __file__, __FUNCTION__, ##__VA_ARGS__); n 9: during (0)ten:11: struct typedef _nativeClientEnv12: JavaVM* virtual machine;13: JNIEnv*-environment;14: work object object;15: class jclass;16: jmethodID cbID;17: native client environment;eighteen:19: its nativeClientEnv* cEnv = NULL;twenty:21: JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL JNI_OnLoad (JavaVM* vm, void* reserved)22:23: cEnv = ZALLOC1(nativeClientEnv);24: cEnv->vm means vm;25:26: JNIEnv* env = NULL;27: If ((*vm)->GetEnv(vm, &env, JNI_VERSION_1_6) ! equals JNI_OK)28: bounce -1 straight;29:thirty:31: jclass cls equals (*env)->FindClass(env, "com/remotedx/jni/NativeClientWrapper");32: if PDEBUG (!cls)33: ("Unable to find espresso coffee class...n");34: output (1);35:36:37: cEnv->cls(*env)->NewGlobalRef(env, = cls);38: returns JNI_VERSION_1_6;39:

findclass error

 1: invalid static callback (client_status state, rxp_header* void* rxp, priv) 2: { or even more: in case (status == THREAD_CREATED) 4: if((*(cEnv->vm))->AttachCurrentThread(cEnv->vm, &cEnv->env, NULL) != JNI_OK) 5: PDEBUG("New thread cannot be attached..n"); 6: return; 7: 8: if possible (!cEnv->cls) 9: Search PDEBUG ("Error in valid class (%lX) or method (%lX)n",10: cEnv->cls, cEnv->cbID);11: return;12:13:14: cEnv->cbID matches (*(cEnv->env))->GetStaticMethodID(cEnv->env, cEnv->cls,15: "statusCallback", "(IJ)V");16: if PDEBUG (!cenv->cbid)17: ("Could not find method...n");18: exit;19:twenty:21: (1) even if (status == THREAD_END)22: PDEBUG("heren");23: != if((*(cEnv->vm))->DetachCurrentThread(cEnv->vm) JNI_OK)24: PDEBUG("DetachCurrentThread() failed");25:26:27: more28:{29: switch (state)thirty : {31: Default:32: {33: PDEBUG("here, %dn", state: (int)state);34: PDEBUG("cEnv: %p -- %p -- %lX --> %lXn",35: cEnv, cEnv->env,cEnv->cls, cEnv->cbID);36: (*cEnv->env)->CallStaticVoidMethod(cEnv->env, cEnv->cls, cEnv->cbID,
findclass error

Ошибка класса поиска
Błąd Findclass
Findclass Error
Erreur De Recherche De Classe
Erro De Encontrar Classe
클래스 찾기 오류
Errore Findclass
Error De Búsqueda De Clase