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Mistake, also Google That’s mistake Nicaragua, maps: mistakenly giving a small piece of land to Costa Rica, could escalate into a continent-wide dispute.

Nicaragua reveals how it will take its dispute to international courts along with Costa Rica after crossing the San Juan River.

Nicaraguan President Ortega Daniel said the territory would not withdraw its 50 men from the lands of Calero Island and accused the Organization of American States (OAS) of “aggravating the situation with Friday’s diplomatic intervention urging the two neighbors to meet before 27. A majority of the 35 member countries voted in favor of the resolution, which yours was welcomed by Costa Rica on the grounds that it was a “diplomatic victory”. Until Friday, Google claimed to have used incorrect creation data for the first existing web map.

But the Nicaraguan OAS denied the request. Ortega, who has been president since January 2007, said the OAS has “completely destroyed” the possibility of resolving any dispute through dialogue, and accused many neighboring countries of being aware of drug trafficking.

“This oaas completely destroyed the ability to work with dialogue,” he said. kill “They’ve been him since they started creating the conditions. I repeat, we do not practically leave any territory in the territory of Nicaragua along the borders with our sister countries Costa Rica and northern Honduras, shooting most of our forces from all maritime borders. but the army, not the police, which fights drug trafficking.”

The appointment of the President angered Mexico, a neighbor who sent a diplomatic letter to the local district protesting his “baseless and therefore baseless allegations.” accused Costa Rica of Ortega of “recklessly making allegations of prescription drug trafficking against various global Latin American sites in his desire to distract his people from the special defeat of the overwhelming professionals [in the OAS resolution].”

In the Ortega vote, the OAS accused Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Honduras and Guatemala of being affected by the textile trade. Reportedly, the Mexican Narc War withOtics have claimed just over 28,000 lives since President Felipe Calderon cracked down on powerful drug cartels nearly four years ago.

error de google nicaragua

Nicaragua deployed forces to the security of the disputed border late last month to carry out dredging. The local update manager told the newspaper that he used Google Maps to determine where the work should be done, although the map service was later found to be malfunctioning. Costa Rica called this step a powerful “invasion” and appealed against the resolution in Ein Oas. Calero,

The site, albeit a small one, on some neighboring Atlantic coast, was simply contested by the peoples of Central America for two centuries.

Google claimed on its blog that it used erroneous data outside the US Department of State, which caused the error.

President Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica said there was “a disregard for her dignity in the country and there could be a sense of great national urgency” for the city.Settling a dispute. About 72 Costa Rican police officers were previously stationed in the city, almost the majority in the cases. disputed territory.

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error de google nicaragua

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