How To Fix Error 8193 Compared To Windows 2008 Problems

Here are some simple steps that can help fix error 8193 over Windows 2008.

VSS EventID 8193 is a known bug, typically associated with installing a DHCP role block on a different server running Windows Server 09 (or later), causing the Network Service account to lose permissions to that HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet registry key. ServicesVSSDiag.

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This page contains a solution to a miraculous error that occurs when performing a specific backup on Windows.

Applies to: Windows 10 – all editions, Windows Server 2012 R2
Original KB number: 3098315


If you are backing up close to Windows Server 2012 and earlier (after Windows Server 2008), one of you will see the following errors logged in our own application log:

Log name: Application
Source: VSS
Event ID: error
Volume 8193
Level: Shadow Copy Service Error: Unexpected error while calling procedure
The XML document is too long. hr=0x80070018, There is a command in the output of the program, but most of its length is incorrect.

Operation: Writer changes the backup document

Context: execution
Context: Applicant
Writer Instance ID: 14BE9B90-62D7-4A2D-B57F-53D21EAB0789


When performing a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)-based backup, each signed VSS writer is queried for a list of components. The problem, usually described in the Problem section, occurs when this listing generates a corresponding metadata file that exceeds the size limit. Many

  • Also files for the TemporaryInternetFiles directory, especially in C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727TemporaryInternetFiles. This causes the system writer to reach the VSS metadata file size limit.
  • VSS Writer has included too many components in its metadata file. There
  • Resolution

    If too many files are found in TemporaryInternetFiles, back up the files and then delete them from the physical location C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727TemporaryInternetFiles. After that, the system writer will be able to complete the work without errors.

    If your company can’t identify the author who caused the error, collect a sample from all the authors of the metadata document, and then check the About Author components.

    1. On an administrative command prompt, run: /lC:Metadata commands:

      diskshadow.txtdetailed listoutput
    2. After writers, indicate how the generated file is assembled and count the components of each writer.

    3. What is VSS failure?

      This error means that most Microsoft VSS cannot take a meaningful snapshot of your file systems because the backup job cannot back up files that are only open in other ways. The most common reason for this skill error is that VSS has always been disabled on one or more volumes attached to the volumes that are part of the backup.

      Once the recording application has been determined, reduce the number of components until the limit is no longer exceeded.

    Each component is actually represented by the lines between the main name “+component” and the component reference limits in centimeters:”. And each one still counts as Component one.

    error 8193 vss windows 2008

    “Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer:06F792F-99EA-4A4A-A241-F8853A3B0CB6”
    – Name: 006F792F-99EA-4A4A-A241-F8853A3B0CB6
    – Logical path:
    – Full path: 06F792F-99EA-4A4A-A241-F8853A3B0CB6
    – Caption: Offlinei$
    – Source VSS_CT_FILEGROUP: [2]
    – Can be selected: TRUE
    – Is the most important level: TRUE
    – Notify about full backup: FALSE
    – Components:
    – List of files: path is D:Hyper-VVirtual Machines, file spec=006F792F-99EA-4A4A-A241-F8853A3B0CB6.xml
    – File list: = path D:Hyper-VSnapshots, file specification is A544BB47-0349-4EED-ABDC-DFE66CAF2927.xml
    – List of files: path=D:Hyper-VSnapshotsA544BB47-0349-4EED-ABDC-DFE66CAF2927, file specification=*
    paths assigned time component:
    is D:Hyper-VSnapshots
    – D:Hyper-VSnapshotsA544BB47-0349-4EED-ABDC-DFE66CAF2927
    – D:Hyper-VVirtual Machines
    – Volumes affected by the component:
    – all ?Volume9710864d-1433-11e5-93ef-806e6f6e6963[D:]

    – Component dependencies: SQL – + Component “SqlServerWriter:SQL2012model”
    – Name: Model
    – Logical path: SQL2012
    – Full path: SQL2012model
    – Signature:
    – Enter the following: VSS_CT_FILEGROUP [2]
    – Can be selected: TRUE
    – This is the best level: TRUE
    – Notify when backup is complete: TRUE
    – Components:
    – Listfiles: path implies C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL11.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLDATA, Filespec=model.mdf
    – File list: path is FilesMicrosoft c:program SQL ServerMSSQL11.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLDATA, file specification is modellog.ldf
    – Paths affected only this component:
    – C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL11.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLDATA
    – Volume affected by this component:
    – ?Volumee18ba371-5b9e-11e4-9400-806e6f6e6963 [C:]
    – Component dependencies:

  • 2 minutes of playback
  • Event ID 8193 on Windows Server next year r2 usually indicates two types of error messages.

    Like some of our server management services, almost all of our customers help us fix Windows-related errors on a regular basis.

    Today let America discuss the possible causes and remedies for these errors.

    VSS Error Due To Event ID 8193 In Windows Waiter 2012
    error 8193 Vss Windows 2008

    BCC R2

    EventID 8193 is now generally related to installation, including the DHCP role on a specific Windows server. This often happens when the network service account loses read/write access to the registry key:


    How do I check for VSS errors?

    Open a command window.In each prompt, enter a list of vssadmin companies, and then press Enter.Make sure that the Microsoft VSS provider is listed in the following list:At the command prompt, type be sold to list authors vssadmin, and then press ENTER.Confirm where all VSS writers can appear:

    Our engineersSupport engineers have determined that a common cause for this error is a one-person installation of the VSS – DHCP Jet Writer segment.

    This module can create a proper dark copy of the DHCP service. It changes the permissions on the PC specified when installing the key.

    A common mistake in the Event Viewer/Application Log description is as follows:

    However, this error now causes subtle problems with services, possibly applications.

    Even though we check the VSS Writer Instance ID in the VSS Modules document with the generic command below, it also returns your own no error message.

    Vssadmin list authors

    How To Fix VSS With Error Event ID 8193 On Windows Server Next Year R2

    How do I fix VSS error?

    If you encounter demo errors from writers or VSS providers, restart the Volume Shadow Copy Service and follow the appropriate instructions again. If the VSS writers and providers are still showing errors, please restart each of our servers and run the appropriate check again. Use the vssadmin eyeshadow remove command to remove existing shadow copies.

    One of the methods every help desk engineer uses to fix this process error is to manually grant the actual Full Control permission to the network service for the given key.

  • Run
      usually this is the registry editorra (regedit.exe)
    1. If you want to register the HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesVSSDiag key, navigate to the available permission option.
    2. Find the network service in the list and normally grant full access permissions.

    In cases where we restore bypass permissions in the registry instead of manually editing the registry. To do this, we make full use of the special CLI command engine – SubInACL.

    What causes a VSS to fail?

    Because. VSS backups keep failing due to a lot of disk movement. High disk activity does not have VSS to monitor the fingerprint in the default period before volumes are frozen for bios.

    cd "C:Program Files (x86)Windows KitsTools".Subinacl resource.exe /Subkeyreg /sddl=D:PAI(A;;KA;;;BA)(A;;KA;;;SY)(A;;CCDCLCSWRPSDRC;;;BO)(A;;CCDCLCSWRPSDRC;;; LS)(A;;CCDCLCSWRPSDRC;;;NS)(A;CIIO;RC;;;OW)(A;;KR;;;BU)(A;CIIO;GR;;;BU)(A;CIIO;GA ;;;BA)(A;CIIO;GA;;;BO)(A;CIIO;GA;;;LS)(A;CIIO;GA;;;NS)(A;CIIO;GA;;;SY)( A;CI;CCDCLCSW;;;S-1-5-80-3273805168-4048181553-3172130058-210131473-390205191)(A;ID;KR;;;AC)(A;CIIOID;GR;;;AC)S : ARAI


    subinacl.exe /Subkeyreg SystemCurrentControlSetServicesVSSDiag /sddl=O:SYG:SYD:PAI(A;;KA;;;BA)(A;;KA;;;SY) (A;;SDGRGW;;;BO)(A;;SDGRGW;;;LS)(A;;SDGRGW;;;NS)(A;CIIO;RC;;;S-1-3-4)(A; ;KR;;;BU)(A;CIIO;GR;;;BU)(A;CIIO;GA;;;BA)(A;CIIO;GA;;;BO)(A;CIIO;GA;;;LS )(A;CIIO;GA;;;NS)(A;CIIO;GA;;;SY)(A;CI;CCDCLCSW;;;S-1-5-80-3273805168-4048181553-3172130058-210131473-390205191) 

    Next, we override the permissions for the child objects in the Registry Editor. To do this, open the Diag reg properties key and click “Permissions” -> “Advanced” -> “Replace all permissions”Solutions for small objects”.

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