How To Fix Error 1920 The Office Protection Platform Service Osppsvc Failed To Start

If you are seeing error 1920 Service Office Protection Platform osppsvc failed to start error code on your PC, you should check these recovery methods.

  • How to fix Office software protection Platform service failed start?

    Look for our desktop security solutions with streaming software. If the installation process was definitely not interrupted, the service should be offered on the Windows service console. Change the service to run with an administrator account. In the error message dialog box, click “Try Again”.

    Hello tronixmart, conkretnaya not a problem in a terrible way. . .

    First, if you find that Win is using Home 7 Premium (as I am), Home Basic or Starter, or don’t create a local user and group policy. This is only Win for or ultimate Professional Enterprise.

    How do I fix error code 1920?

    Step 1.Remove Microsoft Office from Control Panel.2step – Remove the Windows installer package.3Step – Delete the Office files.Step 4: Delete the Office PC subkeys.Step to temporarily disable Windows Defender Firewall

    Jennifer Zhang’s short suggestion to change “This account” to “local system account” in the “Login” tab in all Office Software Protection Platform properties windows is better, but still wrong. If you try like me and done, then manually boot from the Office Software Protection Platform before the normal boot of the Office 2010 installation from a certain point of failure, you will experience a new surprise. The message “Error disappears, 1920” but everything is replaced by such a descriptive dialogue. You are often told that an error occurred while installing 12 microsoft Months 2010 Office. Okay.

    Changing “This Account” to “Local Multi-Level Account” is useless because after the error above, the system somehow reverts to choosing to sign in to the Office Software Protection Platform, which helps “This Account” with ” Network Service” selected by default.

    The bestThe solution is to add the typical permissions on the appropriate directories and registry entries to a user account named Service” “network. Just follow the instructions of the people I found on all the other forums:

    In Windows Explorer:

    Right-click OfficeSoftwareProtection Platformfrom C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Shared and MicrosoftC:Program Data Folder) (Hidden > Security Properties > Edit > Add > Network Service Type > OK > Mark Full > Apply and OK.

    error 1920 service office protection platform osppsvc failed to start

    In the registry editor (regedit.exe):

    Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAppID pc > right click folder > Permissions > Add > type NETWORK SERVICE > OK > Enable Full Control > Apply > OK

    How to fix error 1920 service failed to start?

    Stop running services on your computer.Go to your programs folder and delete the LogMeIn folder (usually C:Programs).Open Registry Editor by pressing Windows + R and typing “Open regedit in” into the box.

    This has worked for all the many and others with the same problem and it only took us a few minutes to help you.

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  • error 1920 service office protection platform osppsvc failed to start

    tronixmart, difficulties are not a bad clue. . .

    How do I fix error 1920 in Office 2013?

    Press the Windows key + R.Type services.Msc followed by Enter it.Scroll alphabetically and look for a service called Windows Font Service cache.Double-click and set its startup type to Automatic.Click Apply.

    Errore 1920 Impossibile Avviare Osppsvc Service Office Protection Platform
    Fehler 1920 Dienst Office Protection Platform Osppsvc Konnte Nicht Gestartet Werden
    Fout 1920 Service Office Protection Platform Osppsvc Kan Niet Worden Gestart
    Ошибка 1920 Service Office Protection Platform Osppsvc не удалось запустить
    Error 1920 Service Office Protection Platform Osppsvc No Se Pudo Iniciar
    오류 1920 서비스 Office 보호 플랫폼 Osppsvc를 시작하지 못했습니다.
    Erreur 1920 Service Office Protection Platform Osppsvc Échec Du Démarrage
    Błąd 1920 Service Office Protection Platforma Osppsvc Nie Może Się Uruchomić
    Fel 1920 Service Office Protection Platform Osppsvc Kunde Inte Startas