What Causes The Virtual Memory Pagefile To Be Removed On Shutdown And How To Fix It

Over the past week, some readers have encountered a bug that caused the virtual memory swap file to be cleared on shutdown. This problem occurs due to many factors. Now we will discuss them. Locate the “Stop: clear virtual memory paging file” option in the right pane and double-click it. In the function window that appears, click the option on And activate click on OK. Windows now deletes the blog site file every time it closes.

How do I clear virtual memory?

On the button “Advanced” section in “Performance”, click “Settings”. On the “Advanced” tab, under the heading “Virtual Memory”, click “Change”. Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file length and width for all drives”. In the No paging file field, select the drive with the option to disable virtual memory.

Although in most casesThis is not necessary, some users may want to close the swap file entirely. Windows Core uses the extra RAM/virtual memory as data. Let’s say you’re working on a highly confidential MS Doc word, and when you load that document, the concept is loaded into RAM. To quickly reduce Windows memory, some items are placed in the paging file. With some effort, the swap file can be opened and the entry extracted, along with any open programs other than files. However, Microsoft has implemented the benefit of erasing the data page, but they haven’t enabled turning it off by default. We don’t necessarily offer this option, but we do offer an option if you need it:

Launch Regedit. If you’re new to Regedit, read most of Color=”#0000ff”>FAQ,

  1. Navigate to ManagerMemory hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsession management.
  2. Select ClearPageFileAtShutdown from the list on the right.
  3. Enable right and select Change.You
  4. Change its valueSet to 1 enable for.
  5. Be sure to restart your computer. Used by

Virtual Memory When Windows is running, your incredible computer’s memory is full and stored in a swap file called .sys. Since you never know what’s inside, it’s recommended to clear the paging shutdown file in Windows 10, 8-7.

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We don’t recommend doing this with a computer that shuts down every day, although it’s normal for those that routinely reboot or shut down. Maybe

You can do this with the Registry Editor, the Group Policy Editor more simply, or, to put it simply, with our Registry Files.

1: How to delete the virtual page found backup file when shutting down in Windows – registry files. Download backup virtual page copy file via MajorGeeks shutdown.

Double-click Delete individual server page file Enable -.or reg Delete page file – Virtual Disable.reg (default).


2: How to clear paging file turn off virtual memory in Windows registry OpenRegistry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager Memory > Management.

How do I clear pagefile sys without rebooting?

Delete the swap file using the registry editor. 1. Open the Windows 10 Registry Editor by pressing + win R and at this point type regedit in the On box. five. Click Memory” “Manage” and at this point double click “ClearPageFileAtShutDown” in the right pane.

3: Deleting the Virtual Page File on Shutdown in the Windows Group Policy Editor Open the Group Policy Editor. Home Windows 10 users should enable the Group Policy Editor and use the enrollment methods mentioned above.

Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Security Settings > > Local > Policies alt=”” Security Settings

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  • Pagefile.sys because the virtual RAM that Windows uses as a ve RAM storage for unused programs, puts less pressure on real RAM. The page size of a file is in many cases close to the size of your direct RAM, so it can grow significantly depending on the amount of RAM. By configuring to clean up the entire paging file at shutdown, your family will save disk space in exchange for a small increase in reliable downtime.

    Here’s a way that owners can completely wipe the paging.sys file on their own when shutting down Windows in 10.

    To set this up, you make changes to this Windows registry. It should be safe, and to be super safe, you need to backup your Windows 10 registry before starting.

    How Windows Removes The Paging File

    clear virtual memory pagefile on shutdown

    If you actually force Windows to automatically delete the entire swap file every time you turn it off, you will seriously overwrite the existing swap file by working with “nulls”. makes it nearly impossible to recover data from the swap file. The flowWhy programs crashing can increase system downtime.file

    Remove Paging Using The Registry Editor

    1. Open the Registry Editor for Windows 10 Computer Systems by pressing Win+ R and, if necessary, entering the regedit field in.

    3. Click “Storage and Management”, then double-click the button after “ClearPageFileAtShutDown” in the panel.

    4. Indeed set its value to “1” on and restart the PC. If you turn off the computer in any direction, the page file will be deleted. Don’t worry, it will be created on demand.

    Delete The Swap File Using The Windows Group Editor

    Should I clear pagefile on shutdown?

    While this usually doesn’t bother most some users, people do want to clean up the shutdown page file at the address. Windows uses this file as RAM/network extra memory.

    If you are using the Windows Pro or Enterprise version of the policy, you can use the Group Policy Editor to automatically remove my page file. First, find gpedit.in msc of the start menu and read.

    The above action will open the Group Policy Editor. Here, navigate to “Computer Configuration -> Settings Security Settings -> Windows -> Local -> Policies Security Options” under “However”.

    clear virtual memory pagefile on shutdown

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