SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix Windows XP Language Change To English

If you have changed the language of Windows XP on your system to English, this guide may help you.

Windows XP is new to offer a feature called MUI (multi-user interface) that allows the operator to change the language connected to Windows from English to Chinese and vice versa.

  1. Click Start -> Settings panel Configuration Options.
  2. Open Regional Languages” and double-click.
  3. Click on the Language tab.
  4. For “ä¸æ–‡(ç¹ é””)”, select “Language in Menus and Dialogs”
  5. Click the OK button a few times to apply the changes. System
  6. then log out and log back in.
  7. Now this interface can be changed to use Chinese characters.


When using any PC in the central computer lab, it will be easier for customers to switch languages.


Windows XP can support over 140 languages.

Step 1

Click on the green Start menu in the lower left corner of the screen. It must have a specific windows logo icon.

2nd Step

change language in windows xp to english

Search for “Control Panel” in the search boxFrom the associated frame, with the menu. If you cannot determine the language of your computer, the icon should be a pen and clipboard with a check mark, sixth from the bottom. Click on “this control panel icon”.

Step 3 And

change language in windows xp to english

Locate the click area “Date, language, time and settings”. Instead, there should be a peace symbol and such a calendar, located in any column to the right of the third.

Step 4

Click on the control panel icon for your current regional or language settings, which is displayed on the image as a globe. Give Windows its own Explorer window.

Step 5

Select the new specific second tab in the explorer pane (it should be called “Languages” in English).

Step 6

Click on the first button, not just the white box. In English, it is called “Details”. This will probably open a new Explorer window.

7 Step

Click on the first any button in the center to the right of the window, in English it says “Add”, and in the new windows that appear, select your language from the three or two drop-down menus. HClick OK on all Explorer windows one by one and you will be prompted to restart your computer. If you do all this, your computer should be set to the language that the person prefers. p>


Following these steps, your computer will use the language you selected. You can change it to another language by following the same steps again.

How To Change Windows Language From XP To English?

  1. Click Home Control > Control Panel.
  2. In the category view, select date, time, language, region, and more.
  3. Click on the languages ​​tab. You have to click on details…
  4. Click “Add…”.
  5. Select the language you want from the Word Input: drop-down menu and click OK.
  6. Basic language added successfully.

How Can I Transfer My Changed Regional Language To Windows XP?

  1. Click through the “Start” button, then select “Control Panel”.
  2. Click “Clock, language and region” then “Language” “Region for and options”.
  3. On the Formats tab, in the Format section, click Customize this format.
  4. Go to the tab you created If the settings you want to change are whining, make your changes as well.

How To Change Your Slang From German To English On Computer?

  1. Open settings.
  2. Click About time and language.
  3. Click “Language”.
  4. In the Preferred Languages ​​section of the button, click Add Language. Source: Windows Central.You
  5. Search for a new language. you
  6. Select any language from the result package. you
  7. click any Next button. You
  8. Enable “Install Lingo Package”.

How To Change Provider Language To English?

Change on display conditions Open the Control Panel. Click on all language, clock and region options. Click “Language” link to change the display. From the “Select English display language” drop-down list, select the language you want to use as the display dictionary and click “OK”.

How To Set Up Windows XP From Japanese To Russian?

  1. Click the [Start] button and then [Control Panel].
  2. click on the symbol Time, language [Date, and other regional settings].
  3. Click on the [regionaland language settings] along with it.
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