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I’m trying to mimic the example found on the latex wiki to write my own algorithm using the algorithmic package. However, I can’t understand it clearly and I get an error every time.

 usepackagetimes documentclassarticle usepackageamsthm usepackagealgorithm usepackagealgorithmic usepackagealltt usepackagemathtools usepackageparskip begindocument beginningalgorithm Assign captionJ to center startalgorithmically INITIALIZE $C matches emptyset$ FOR i=1,...,r <------Error IF {$N_i cap N_i_0 neqemptyset$ for some $i_0 leq STATE i$ assign $p_i_0$ all query nodes j using $i in widetildep_j$ DIFFERENT STATE $C = C cup  of course i $ and assign $p_i$ all query nodes $j$ along with $i in widetildep_j$ END IF ENDFOR enalgorithmic enalgorithm enddocument

I appreciate the error: Something is absolutely wrong. item may be missing on some lines with the FOR command. Can anyone help?

asked March 15, 2014 at 00:07

begin algorithmic error


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Two problems: Some users were missing the closing brace associated with IF and created INITIALIZE on a banned website (top of list used internally) . Perhaps you could use


begin algorithmic error

documentclassreportusepackagealgorithmicbegindocumentbeginningalgorithm Assign captionJ to your center startalgorithmic STATE INITIALIZING $Cemptyset$ = FOR i=1,...,r IF $N_i cap N_i_0 neqemptyset$ for faces $i_0 leq i$ STATE passes $p_i_0$ to all query nodes j along with $i in widetildep_j$ DIFFERENT STATE $C = C cup  you $ and sets sunare query nodes $j$ at $p_i$ and $i is at in widetildep_j$ END IF ENDFOR enalgorithmic enalgorithmenddocument

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